Road Construction Training

by Protech Training

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Road Construction Training 

  • LIC Drainage, culverts construction & cleaning
  • LIC road signs
  • LIC routine maintenance road surface
  • LIC tree & bush control
  • Repair of masonry structures
  • LIC landscaping

Protech Training: 
Support SA economy
Fill skills gap
Empower the unemployed
Successful business venture 
Create employment 
What we do: 
Technical Learnerships
Skills Development
Non Technical Courses
Special Courses


Partners & Joint Ventures
Quality Assurance
Our company adheres to the ISO 9001 quality standards and requirements and all training conforms to South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) standards where applicable.
PT has primary accreditation with the ESETA and secondary accreditation with CETA. ESETA has a memorandum of understanding with various other SETA’s, which enable us to expand our product range if necessary.
Continuous improvement and professional delivery of our service is priority. All training material is unit standard aligned.
Protech Training has been accredited as an FET by the ESETA, and we are working towards grading as a Centre of Excellence of national repute and standing. This learning institution will provide trade testing and government identified scarce and critical skills. The intention is to work in close collaboration with the SA government as well as non-governmental organisations and smaller private companies.
Protech Training CC has entered into an agreement with Protech Training Skills Solutions CC, with Linda Nkosi as Managing Director. Protech Training Skills Solutions is the daughter company which we are nurturing and empowering by availing all our current intellectual property, market credibility and facilities to Protech Training Skills Solutions in order to assist them to establish itself as a independent highly credible company whose mission is to source providers of scarce and critical skills training.