Road Construction Training

by Protech Training

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Road Construction: 
  • Erect and maintain guard rails.
  • Install pre-cast concrete pipes.
  • Implement roadside safety procedures.
  • Use construction methods to construct & maintain roads & stormwater drainage.
  • Batch & Mix concrete by volume.
  • Pavements & Paving.
  • Tar Patching
  • Installing Pre-cast kerbing and concrete channels
Handyman: Basic General Maintenance / Handyman
Electrical house wiring with business skills
Electrical RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning)
Electrical appliance repair with business skills
Electrical Trade Test Preparation  
Electrical Trade Test (Electrical Construction) 
National Certificate: Electrical Engineering (L2 & L3) 
Practical Welding Basic (Arc)
National Certificate: Welding Application and Practice
Civil & Builidng Construction: 
Basic Bricklaying
National Certificate: Community House Building
National Certificate: Building and Civil Construction
Non Technical Skills Programmes
Business skills/Small Venture Creation (SME development/ Entrepreneurial development)
Supervisory Development 
First Aid
Domestic Worker Training (Cleaning, caring for equipment, cooking, baby care, etc.)
Casual Worker Training (Life skills, Personal hygiene, OHS ACT, Safety signs, etc.)